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When can I expect my refund?

On same day cancellations (cancellation done on the day of booking), we do not collect funds for the Airline portion. Any charges that you see pending is put “on hold” for verification purposes. These funds won’t reflect as “refund” rather, they will return to your available credit. Depending on your banking institution processes, this process can take from anywhere between 3 to 7 business days. The important thing to note is that some credit card companies can hold authorizations pending for up to 30 days.

If rules of the airline permit you to cancel the day after booking them, funds of the Airline portion will take anywhere between 7 to 14 business to refund. In any case, it will depend on the airline as well as your bank’s policies. It is important to note that sometimes the refund will be posted before processing the charge, or it won’t be visible on your updated bank statement. You can directly contact your bank to know whether the refund was received or not.

I did not request a refund, why am I being sent an email stating that I have received one?

Don’t be alarmed. These refunds are usually for seat allotment requests that couldn’t be completed by the respective airline, or if during a routine quality check we detected additional savings on the fare before booking your ticket. This refund in no way affects your airline ticket purchase.

Why do I have multiple charges on my credit card from Airlines Reservation?

When multiple airlines or passengers are booked in a single reservation, the charges appear individually (each ticket is processed separately) thus, resulting in multiple charges on your credit card. Additionally, any taxes, service fees and fees charged for additional services may also reflect as separate charges with Airlines Reservation’s description on your credit card. When summed up together, these charges should reflect the grand total amount you were quoted.

Why do I have duplicate charges for the same trip on my credit card?

In the rarest of rare cases, if you see duplicate charges for the same trip on your credit card, contact our billing team at xxxx-xxx-xxx or get in touch with your credit card company.

Why was I charged more than quoted?

You have to confirm with your banking institution whether these charges have been posted or are pending. During reservation a “pending charge” is levied on your account for the complete amount. The banking institution/credit card company puts a hold on the amount until the transaction is either posted or cleared.

On a successful transaction, the charges will usually post to the account in a matter of 2 to 3 business days, during which, the money will be deducted from your account releasing the “hold”.

Often pending hold is reflected in the account even after the charges are posted. You need to give it some time as individual banks and credit card companies have their own fixed periods to release all pending transactions. Having said that, the initial quote given to you may or may not include insurance, seat charges or any other additional service request charges. These costs are charged at the time they are selected and will increase your trip cost.

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